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epdm granules manufacturer

Welcome to Chenming New Material

Shandong Chenming New Material Technology Co., Ltd.(Chenming New Material) is a specialized manufacturer of EPDM granules in China, offering environmentally conscious surface solutions to our customers. With over 10 years experience, Chenming New Material knows what it takes to keep our customers satisfaction; by investing in innovation and technology and by being a customer-focused and friendly environment. At Chenming New Material, we are committed to leading the industry in stable and excellent EPDM granules. We always believes that quality is the soul of the company.So our products are widely recognized and trusted by users. For further information contact us at Chenming New Material.

Why People Choose Us

high quality


All products are produced with import origin EPDM rubber, strictly implement ISO9001:2000 standards.. They are suited for a wide range of uses and are also weather-resistant and colorfast.

en_71-3  epdm granules


The products meet the latest EN 71-3 2019 (Migration of certain elements) and AfPS GS 2019:01 PAK (PAHs).


Experience and service

We have professional team to provide comrehensive one-stop service for you.