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Cross TPE Infill Granules

 TPE Infill Granules from Dadao Sports is our high-quality product which according to FIFA standard. It is 100% Eco-friendly, with 8 years warranty. The unique hollow shape design lowers down the infill quantity by 30%-40% and decreases the cost of the whole artificial grass system.

Why Daodao TPE Infill Granules?

TPE Infill Granules from Dadao Sports stand out due to the highest quality:

  • Environmentally-friendly. Not contains harmful material.
  • Free of odor.
  • Benign sports capability, reduce the injuries to players.
  • No dust.
  • The hollow granule lowers down the bulk density. Drainage faster.
  • Save your money, as for 1 square meter, need much less quantity than EPDM granules